Saturday, December 1, 2012

Lost Souls

Many time as we were sailing on the ocean little land birds would land on our decks and ride with us for a few hours gathering strength to continue on their journeys. Here is a poem I wrote for them.

Lost Souls

by Peter

Upon the wind he was born, one who lost his way.
For he was far from the shore, a chill was in the air.
To my home he did flee, and for a time would stay.
His little wings wasted hung, in his eyes an empty stare.

As evening crept across the waves, then darkness on the deep.
We sat as two who knew no home, vagabonds were we.
The sound of water parting ways, and then a little peep.
He made his way beneath my coat, to hide beneath my lee.

The moon appear above the clouds, chasing the other light.
I sat in silence beneath the sheet, the bird did softly sleep.
What made him trust, when all his wild called him to flight,
It was his life that made him thus, his life so frail and meek.

The hours passed more slowly than the water below my keel.
I wondered if he was missed, if any noticed he was gone.
Or like me was he alone, with not a soul to call a friend.
Pondering I was upon these thoughts, the rigging sang it's song.

First was gray, a long thin line, and then more fire came.
As day was pushing out the night, from my thoughts I woke.
The bird who join me hours ago and had my friend became,
Was transformed in the night and now with joy he spoke.

We shared a night as kindred souls voyaging on till the dawn,
No time had I to share with him these deep and wistful thoughts.
For now renewed with sleep and warmth, quickly he flitted on.
Where he ended I do not know, I pray for the land he fought.

My journey was not about a place but in the adventure sought.
His journey was for his life, and as such, a lesson I was taught.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Rudyard Bay

by: Peter

Time stood still as if a dream,
Of cliffs so high yet so serene,
Of water rushing to its fate,
To join again in peaceful state.

Of mist that was and yet was not,
It clung to trees and face of rock.
It seemed to hide and then reveal,
Before my eyes the scenes surreal.

Though few will know the things I've seen,
I shall for ever on these memories lean.
Remembering the time in awe I spent,
Between the walls of rock ice rent.

And in my heart I can always say,
"I have been to Rudyard Bay"

Friday, January 6, 2012


What is freedom? We live in the "Land of the Free"; shouldn't we know what it is all about? And yet I think many of us don't.

Google tells you freedom means:

The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.

Yet in our country if you asked people what freedom means you would probably get many varying answers. For some I suppose freedom would be nothing more than being able to do what they want to most of the time with out too much regulation. They "own" their homes and have jobs that allow them to pay their bills with enough left over for entertainment. For some freedom is found in their "stuff"; they collect their stuff and find security in the ever growing pile. Some find freedom in the regulation of others; I was once told by a friend that as long as everyone is regulated they don't mind if they are too; it made them feel safer. I think that too often we confuse freedom with security and think if we feel secure we are free. I think the opposite is actually true; there is little security in true freedom.

If one was truly free then they would be free to fail as well. There would be no safety net and no bailout. Sure they could do a lot more with less but hey they could also end up with nothing. Having nothing I think is where true freedom starts. Wisdom is oft where you find it and sometimes it shows up in the strangest of places. Like this little gem found in the hit 1971 song sung by Janis Joplin (written by Kris  Kristofferson) Me and Bobby McGee stating "Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose" . While a concept like this is unfathomable to most our society today, it doesn't change its relevance. I have shared that line with several people over the years and usually receive a blank look in return. Our society is so attached to material goods and comfort that the thought of giving some or any of it up to obtain more freedom is out of the question.

I know for myself that when we "owned" a house and I worked full time to pay the mortgage, bills and the ever increasing property taxes I did not feel free. In fact the house felt more like a debtors prison than a home. Over the couple of years after 2008 as my wages decreased and my hair turned gray (which by the way has started to turn back to brown), I felt more and more trapped; the proverbial  "American Dream" became a nightmare. Thankfully the house sold and we were able to escape our self inflicted prison. It was at that time in my life that I realized I was no more than a slave. A slave to my debt, and slave to the bills, a slave to our societies expectations  and a slave to the state; through property taxes. I was far from free.

 As we were getting rid of stuff before and after the sale of our house we took about 10 full size pick-up loads of junk to the dump, plus an additional two or three to thrift stores. We also sold everything of value which amounted to many more loads of stuff. After 8 months of this "invaluable" stuff being gone I can honestly say that I don't miss it. I can honestly say that it never made me happy. Now I look around the boat and ask my self "what else can go". I have found more freedom in getting rid of my stuff than I ever found in owning it. Sure there is a certain amount of things that would be hard to live with out; but if you are honest with your self those items are few.

While freedom obviously means different things to different people, one thing none of us should be free to do is take away another's freedom for our personal security or gain.