Thursday, June 12, 2014

Monochrome Lives

by: Peter

I am alone though people surround me,
I am alone with only my thoughts
I smile to them who think they know me
But a chasm I keep and this is my lot.

Looking as through a window dimly
I see the people go wandering by.
Their senses dulled their eyes are sleepy
Living and striving to live the grand lie.

Alone in a crowd of monochrome lives
Straining to see the color that's waining
Bleached by a system their freedom deprives
Comforts their cry, their own ropes their weaving.

Through generations they've slowly faded,
To become the chattel they are today.
They have become the ones they once hated
Leaving the burden, their children to pay.

There is no help that I can offer.
To re-kindle the glow that once lit their eyes
Their freedom gone, they quietly suffer.
Their ears too dulled to hear their hearts cry

Alone and watching the people around me,
Wishing that they could see the sunrise.
The breaking day and the hope morning brings,
Could wake them from their monochrome lives.